Oxymoron Examples

What are Oxymorons Examples?

Oxymoron examples often called a contradiction in terms. Much like other rhetorical devices, oxymorons are utilized for various uses. Sometimes they are utilized to make a small amount of play to get the reader; occasionally they are utilized to make someone think and stop, while that is to laugh or to wonder.

A frequent oxymoron is that the term”the exact same difference.” This term qualifies as a oxymoron since the phrases”same” and”gap” have opposite meanings. Bringing them together into a word produces a puzzling, yet engaging, impact.


More generally an oxymoron is a figure of speech that is comprised of two or more words that seem opposite to one another but actually give a different meaning.  Some common oxymoron examples can include “pretty ugly” “virtually reality” “open secret”.   If something is ugly it can’t be pretty, if something is real it can’t be virtual, and if something is secretive it can’t be open.  But used as a single phrase it conveys a different meaning.

In fact, the oxymoron itself is an an oxymoron example.  Oxymoron is a greek word that is comprised of the words oxy – which means sharp – and moron – which means dull.

Here is the best oxymoron examples list:


    1. open secret
    2. act naturally
    3. found missing
    4. defeaning silence
    5. Microsoft Works
    6. Advanced BASIC
    7. Virtual Reality
    8. Pretty ugly
    9. Almost exactly
    10. minor crisis
    11. exact estimate
    12. Free love
    13. Larger half
    14. Alone together
    15. Liquid gas
    16. seriously funny
    17. military intelligience
    18. Tragic comedy
    19. Definite maybe
    20. Same difference
    21. Constant variable
    22. Extinct life
    23. only choice
    24. Working holiday
    25. Clearly confused
    26. Hell’s Angels
    27. Civil engineer
    28. Living dead
    29. Jump shrimp
    30. Unbiased opinion
    31. Original copies
    32. Plastic glasses
    33. Even odds
    34. Genuine imitation
    35. Freezer burn
    36. Rolling stop

Here is a funny oxymoron examples list:

    1.  Great Depression
    2. Free trade
    3. Peacekeeper missile
    4. Sweet tart
    5. crash landing
    6. now then
    7. butt head
    8. sweet sorrow
    9. student teacher
    10. silent scream
    11. taped live
    12. alone together
    13. good grief
    14. tight slacks
    15. living dead
    16. near miss
    17. light thanks
    18. old news
    19. hot chili
    20. criminal justice
    21. peace force

The most famous oxymorons examples list:

  1. Act naturally
  2. Alone together
  3. Amazingly awful
  4. Bittersweet
  5. Clearly confused
  6. Dark light
  7. Deafening silence
  8. Definitely maybe
  9. Farewell reception
  10. Growing smaller
  11. Jumbo shrimp
  12. Only choice
  13. Open secret
  14. Original copy
  15. Painfully beautiful
  16. Passive aggressive
  17. Random order
  18. Small crowd
  19. Sweet sorrow
  20. True myth
  21. Walking dead
  22. Weirdly normal