What does TTYL Mean?

What does TTYL mean?

The most common definition of what does TTYL mean is “talk to you later”.  This is often used in  in texting or text messages instead of simply saying goodbye.  It’s usually a very informal way to say bye.  Most often you would not send TTYL to a boss or superior.

Used in a phrase, you can say TTYL like “I gotta go to school now, TTYL”.  Another way of saying TTYL is “I am tired and going to bed, TTYL”.

In rare cases TTYL is also used in verbal speak.  Sometimes even the abbreviation is used but most common the whole phrase TALK TO YOU LATER is used when speaking with voices.

TTYL originally started as Internet slang but now is very common in every day language across all cultures.

Some variations of what does TTYL mean include:

  •  TTM Talk To Me
  • TTML Talk To Me Later
  • TTTH Talk To The Hand
  • TTTTY Time To Talk To You
  • TTUL Talk To You Later
  • TTUS Talk To You Soon.
  • TTUT Talk To You Tomorrow
  • TTY Talk To You
  • TTYF Talk To You Forever
  • TTYIAB Talk To You In A Bit
  • TTYITM Talk To You In The Morning

You can use any of these variations while you are texting or chatting online.  These phrases used to be almost entirely used by Internet nerds but now are used by just about everyone!  Do you have any other examples of Internet slang?  Write it in the comments section below.